Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are more than just a nasty nuisance; they’re health hazards that impact people’s quality of life. These reddish-brown little insects may be tiny, but they can wreak havoc in homes and public places like hotels, motels, movie theaters, and more. Professional bed bug control is the best way to deal with these pests, once and for all. We can provide you with safe and effective solutions, and will gladly provide you with a free on-site bed bug consultation.


Bed bugs are typically found on mattresses and in upholstered furniture. They tend to be dormant during the day, but come out to feed at night. Unfortunately, they prefer human blood, resulting in bites on the skin. Many people are not even aware that they have been bitten until they wake up and find they are covered in red bites, with blood spots on their clothing or bedding.


Bed BugBed Bugs on MattressBed Bug BitesBed Bug Bites


Their small size and flat body shape makes it easy for them to hide in cracks and crevices in furniture and mattresses. If you see dark moving spots on bedding or mattresses, there’s a good chance that they are bed bugs, and you need to call for our professional bed bug control service right away. Bed bugs can pose a real problem for businesses, like hotels and motels, where guests will certainly be scared away and disgusted by their presence.

Bed Bug Extermination

If you have bed bugs on your property, or you suspect that they may be present, don’t try to take care of the problem on your own. Our professional bed bug service is the only way to stop them,  killing off the bugs and eliminating their eggs so that they cannot continue to thrive. Contact Structural Termite and Pest Control for a quote and free on-site consultation today. Request a Pest Control Consultation Online or by calling 800-696-7379.