Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides known as fumigants in order to kill pests within an area. It is an effective method for controlling pests such as woodborers and drywood termites.

fumigation_tent tent_closeup

Structural fumigation begins with the covering of the structure to create a sealed environment; this process is referred to as tenting. Structures are typically tented with a rubber material. Next a fumigant is released into the sealed space, and the seal is held on the structure until the fumigant has reaches all spaces throughout the structure. The seal concentrates the fumigant and prevents the fumigant from escaping the structure. The amount of time the building is sealed depends on the size of the building and the severity of infestation. After pests have been eliminated, the structure is ventilated to allow the fumigant to escape, making it safe for humans to re-occupy the structure.


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