Tree Protection Services

Insects, weather damage, poor soil conditions and transplant shock can all have an adverse affect on your trees. Systemic tree implants can help correct these nutritional and insect problems to revive your trees health and promote new growth. The implants can restore the green in your trees by placing the needed nutrients directly into the vascular system. Systemic tree implants are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.


Treatment begins with a watering program that will replenish the moisture in the feeding zone. This is an area that encompasses twice the diameter of the drip zone to a depth of anywhere from 2 ft. to 15 ft. depending on the size and age of the tree as well as the soil characteristics. The watering program will replenish moisture in this zone at least once a month throughout the entire year.

Trunk Implants

Trunk implants are used to address two issues: nutrient deficiencies and insecticide placement. Because effected trees are near stress induced dormancy, it is unlikely that they have the ability to uptake the adequate amount of nutrients via the root system. By using an injectable fertilizer, it is possible to bypass the stressed root system as well as avoiding any problems associated with soil chemistry. It is possible to maximize insect control with the minimal amount of insecticide while eliminating concerns of over spray or spray drift.

Sanitation and Thinning

Sanitation is the removal of all dead and dying plants around the treated tree removes breeding grounds that will become a source of additional infestation. Thining is the elimination of unwanted vegetation around the trees. This will eliminate other plants from competing for water and nutrients.

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